lightspeed future lullaby (formerly 'lightspeed')


Current Job:

finishing the lp 'the spirit of pop' for Secret Agent Records

Previous Employment:

the visitors, super8, piano magic, endless bob brown...all really famous eh!!


these tracks on these compilations (as Lightspeed)...

There is also a Visitors lp just out called 'Miss'on Matinee Records ( The songs were recorded in the late 80's.


"sonorities halfway between broadcast and plone from lightspeed..." (very rough translation from Italian) from 'Blow Up' Magazine, Italy
"His (Lightspeed's) Beach Boys,Kraftwerk and Ennio Morricone-inspired electronica is music to dream to" (Satellite Magazine issue 2


Strengths and Weaknesses:

strengths = being a flawed plagiarist.. with a heart so full of love for my inspirations, it is very lucky i fail so humungously in my attempts at copying them all...or else a pale imitation I would be! ..remembering the b-side

weaknesses = Left foot, Not getting out enough, Everton, not practising guitar enough

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