The Gazillions


Current Job:

David Hologram: The Gazillions (Guitar/Vocals), and The David Hologram Christmas Album (all the instruments/solo project), and vocalist in some Rock Opera about Fish (we haven't the foggiest idea what this guy really does in his spare time)

Anthony daRosa: The Gazillions (Guitar/Vocals)

Ricardo Esway: The Gazillions (Bass/Vocals), Optimus Prime (Drums)

Jason Smith: The Gazillions (Drums), Chicks Take Rice (Drums/Vocals)

Previous Employment:

David Hologram: The Blue Kenobees, The Plum Buddhas, The Thundercats, The Brimbleberries, The Thundercats

Anthony daRosa: The Blue Kenobees, The Thundercats

Jason Smith: Masepicos, Bucktrout





The eccentrics of this gallant band urged the audience members to question their humanity. Were they another life-form advancing from the planet Mars? Or were they merely out of balance human beings with several thousand brain cells on a frenzy causing their dementia. Whether or not they're one of the earth's kind, this band knew how to enrapture a crowd. Their indescribable antics and catchy lyrics were both addictive and mind boggling. I am definite that their songs like "Thanks for Playing Scrabble" and "All the Kids Are Eating Prunes" were stuck in everyone's head the next day. - Panache Magazine
Not since Andy Warhol has an artist worn a wig as well as David Hologram. - The East Bay Express
Lock your doors! It's The Gazillions! -Delusions of Adequacy

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths, we have a few. Weaknesses? There may not be enough memory on your server!

Contact Details: or PO Box 29936, Oakland CA 94604, USA


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