robots and electronic brains 1996-2006

We are ten years old. Happy birthday to us

Ten years ago, when Robots was the butterfly to Jimmy’s Riddle’s pupa, when we still had hair (lots of it) and an army coat (a fraying, dirty, smelly one) and no responsibilities (beyond making sure the chap from upstairs didn’t steal our cheese out of the fridge), back then we didn’t really know where we were going with Robots.

We still don’t.

If there were prizes for persistence we’d be in the running. There aren’t. So we’re not. There’s no plan apart from writing well about music that moves us. In an interview the other day, somebody asked for a description of Robots in three words. This was what we said: good writing/music

So we don’t know where we’re going but these three words will be our mantra as we move on. Here’s to ten more years. Thank you for your company.

we love robots We ran a competition: win a lifetime's supply of Robots on paper in return for a few words on what Robots means to you.

he love robots Dan from The Duds on what Robots means to him, how we were there for the band when no-one else was and how wrong I was about that Casio comment.

me love robots It's a labour of love and has been ever since the proto-Robots of Jimmy's Riddle. The early issues are sold out and Jimmy's Riddle was never sold at all, so here's full-size hi-res scans to download for historic interest.

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